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Photo Effect Studio can make perfect effect or filter for photo
and it can convert photos in batches.
  Photo Effect Studio v5.56

Great practical function:
It's easy to make sketch from photo.
Convert your photo into pencil sketch, pen sketch, kryptol, pen-and-ink.
Now, your photo become fine line art, even indistinguishable from an artist work.
And, you can color up for the Black and White sketch.
Convert your photo into Color pencil sketch, realism, pop art, abstract, water color, Brume effect.
Creation of artistic looking hand-drawings derived from photos.
Make your photo with color filter, color panel, Hue/saturation/lighting adjust, color filter, Color variety.
You can add veins onto the photo, such as Emboss, Texture, Vertical stria, Horizontal stria.
Add a 'batch' button to convert your photos in batches, it save your time.
The usage is very easy.
Professional functions for photo sketch, More specially, More powerfully!

Now, You can turn your images into a sketch with a few clicks.
This also is a great program for those beautiful images just as you ask artist to paint.


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Follows pictures are made from Photo Effect Studio:


Color Sketch

Pen and Ink


Photo Effect Studio has some wonderful filter or effect for your photograph, such as what above said, Pencil sketch, Pen sketch, Color sketch, etc.

The function of 'batch convert' is simple and practical, for example, you selected 'Pencil Sketch' from mainmenu--B&W, the Pencil sketch panel will appear, it has a 'Show batch convert' button, click it then dropdown the batch convert panel, Please select a folder with photos to convert, and select a folder to save the works, finale click the 'convert' button. Now, You can have a rest while it working.
All effect or filter panel has 'batch convert' function except 'ColorAdjust'.

The Pencil sketch, Pen sketch is wonderful, but It has a pity for 'Pen and Ink' effect. Sometimes, the effect is not perfect.


Our developers are from China, we have deep emotions for traditions civilization and are interested in popularize Chinese culture for all the global.

DaShi Village: Chinese ancient jade culture, it was established by Xu GuoYuan, a chinese artist. It includes LiangZhu Culture, HongShan Culture, etc.

Old Academy Of Art: The exhibits of Xu GuoYuan's works on the web gallery.